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Z: Khởi Nguyên Phần 1 - Z: The Beginning Of Everything Season 1
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Season 1

S1, Ep1
5 Nov. 2015
Zelda Sayre is a free-spirited and flamboyant 18-year-old woman living in Montgomery, Alabama, in the year 1918. Zelda wants a bigger and better life and she's on the look out for an escape route. Zelda's stern father, Anthony, tries to keep her flamboyance suppressed which only makes her challenge his authority. During an evening out at a going-away-dance for soldiers embarking to France to fight in World War I, Zelda meets novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald and is Zelda's intrigued by him quickly, but doesn't respond to his advances.
S1, Ep2
27 Jan. 2017
Just Humans
As Scott pursues Zelda in Montgomery, she must decide what she can sacrifice to be with him.
S1, Ep3
27 Jan. 2017
The Right Side of Paradise
Despite living worlds apart, Scott and Zelda grow closer. Zelda tries to decide if she loves him enough to uproot her whole life.
S1, Ep4
27 Jan. 2017
You, Me and Us
Zelda arrives in NYC to marry Scott. They celebrate their new life with all his Big City friends.
S1, Ep5
27 Jan. 2017
The It Girl
Zelda changes her look and finds her new identity as she tries to fit in with her new high-life in New York City.
S1, Ep6
27 Jan. 2017
Lights! Camera! Fitzgerald!
Zelda flirts with Hollywood when she does a screen test for a big director.
S1, Ep7
27 Jan. 2017
Where There Are Friends, There Are Riches
Scott and Zelda go to Princeton for a reunion filled with emotion.
S1, Ep8
27 Jan. 2017
Playing House
Scott and Zelda get away to a Westport vacation house so Scott can write. They have New York friends over for a party.
S1, Ep9
27 Jan. 2017
Scott and Zelda work through rising marital tensions at their Westport house.
S1, Ep10
27 Jan. 2017
Best of All
Scott and Zelda take a road trip back to Montgomery in an attempt to mend their marriage.

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