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Xa Thật Xa 3 - Fargo Season 3
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Season 3

S3, Ep1
19 Apr. 2017
The Law of Vacant Places
A twisted sibling rivalry leads to murder, mobsters and cutthroat competitive bridge in a small Midwestern town.
S3, Ep2
26 Apr. 2017
The Principle of Restricted Choice
Gloria deals with the aftermath of the crime; Varga makes a move; Ray and Nikki move on to their next plan
S3, Ep3
3 May 2017
The Law of Non-Contradiction
Gloria revisits her stepfather's past to try and find some answers.
S3, Ep4
10 May 2017
The Narrow Escape Problem
Emmit and Sy try to sort things out; Nikki and Ray track down some collateral; Gloria learns more about Maurice.
S3, Ep5
17 May 2017
The House of Special Purpose
Nikki and Ray's retaliation has consequences for Emmit; Gloria and Winnie start connecting the dots.
S3, Ep6
24 May 2017
The Lord of No Mercy
Gloria and Winnie get closer to the truth; Emmit tries to make things right; Nikki and Ray prepare for payback; Varga cleans up a mess.
S3, Ep7
31 May 2017
The Law of Inevitability
Gloria tries to work around the system; Nikki finds herself in a familiar place; Varga comes up with an alternative plan; Emmit goes to dinner.
S3, Ep8
7 Jun. 2017
Who Rules the Land of Denial?
Nikki struggles to survive; Emmit gets spooked; Sy joins Varga for tea.
S3, Ep9
14 Jun. 2017
Emmit sits down with Gloria; Nikki negotiates a deal.
S3, Ep10
21 Jun. 2017
Somebody to Love
Gloria follows the money; Nikki plays a game; Emmit learns a lesson about progress from Varga.

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