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Kẻ Nói Dối Và Người Tình - The Liar And His Lover
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Season 1

S1, Ep1
20 Mar. 2017
Episode 1
8.4 (5)
High school student Yoon So Rim dreams of becoming a singer, but has trouble finding support. Meanwhile, producer Kang Han Gyul is famous and successful, but struggles in his personal life. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep2
21 Mar. 2017
Episode 2
So Rim is over the moon when she finds Han Gyul again, but he's more worried about his song than finding love, and thus the lies begin. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep3
27 Mar. 2017
Episode 3
Capitivated by her version of his song, Han Gyul searches for So Rim again. Teacher Bong tries to help jump-start So Rim's singing career.
S1, Ep4
28 Mar. 2017
Episode 4
Chan Young is determined to produce So Rim's band's debut, but CEO Choi is bent on convincing Han Gyul, who's unaware of the newbies' identities. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep5
3 Apr. 2017
Episode 5
So Rim soon becomes the only one out of the loop concerning Han Gyul's double life, yet she feels closer to him than ever before. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep6
4 Apr. 2017
Episode 6
So Rim feels overwhelmingly hurt by Han Gyul's lies, and it affects her ability to perform. So Rim's band is chosen to compete on a survival reality program. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep7
10 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.7
So Rim's band's performance on the broadcast surprises everyone, but it drives another wedge between Han Gyul and Chan Young. CEO Choi wants to capitalize on the newfound publicity. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep8
11 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.8
Han Gyul obsesses over So Rim refusing to sing to his song. The company finds out about Crude Play's secret videos. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep9
17 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.9
Yu Na wants the demo Han Gyul wrote for MUSH&Co to be her comeback single. CEO Choi confronts So Rim about her feelings for Han Gyul. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep10
18 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.10
So Rim learns first-hand how fame can negatively affect one's dating life. Chan Young plans a team-building trip with MUSH&Co and Crude Play. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep11
24 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.11
Photos of So Rim and Chan Young spark rumors of romance among fans and anti-fans. So Rim prepares to leave her grandmother alone while things cool down. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep12
25 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.12
CEO Choi takes action when President Yoo begins to threaten SOLE Music N's existence. The Music Sketchbook broadcast becomes disastrous when tensions come to a head. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep13
1 May 2017
Episode #1.13
Chan Young makes a major decision for himself, but the effects on So Rim are damaging. Crude Play must finally prove themselves as real musicians. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep14
2 May 2017
Episode #1.14
Han Gyul suspects there is more to In Ho's accident than meets the eye. Jin Woo becomes frustrated with his unrequited feelings. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep15
8 May 2017
Episode #1.15
Han Gyul resolves to change his passive ways so that Crude Play won't end up hurt again. President Yoo decides to pull the plug on SOLE Music N. (DramaFever)
S1, Ep16
9 May 2017
Episode #1.16
Having admitted to their lies, Crude Play's future hangs in the balance. MUSH&Co's future is uncertain as well, as President Yoo only sees So Rim's star potential. (DramaFever)

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