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Hành Vi Phạm Tội Phần 4 - Criminal Minds Season 4
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Season 4

S4, Ep1
24 Sep. 2008
As the city is on high alert, the team begins to believe that they have made a mistake with the profile and that everything the terrorists have done so far may in fact just have been diversion for something even bigger.
S4, Ep2
1 Oct. 2008
The Angel Maker
On the anniversary of a serial killer's execution, a murder spree which appears to be connected to him begins and the team must try and understand his mind in order to stop it.
S4, Ep3
8 Oct. 2008
Minimal Loss
Reid and Prentiss, having gone undercover into an underground cult to investigate child abuse, get trapped inside the compound when a federal raid on it goes bad.
S4, Ep4
22 Oct. 2008
A serial killer targeting couples stages their bodies in a way to make their deaths look like car accidents.
S4, Ep5
29 Oct. 2008
Catching Out
A man is jumping trains along Highway 99, brutally killing couples in their homes whenever he stops.
S4, Ep6
5 Nov. 2008
The Instincts
A child abduction case in Las Vegas causes Reid to have strange nightmares which appear to be connected to an event in his past.
S4, Ep7
12 Nov. 2008
Driven by his nightmares, Reid stays behind in Las Vegas to find his father in order to find out the truth about Riley Jenkins' murder.
S4, Ep8
19 Nov. 2008
A serial killer turns himself in and challenges the team to find five people he has hidden somewhere before they die.
S4, Ep9
26 Nov. 2008
52 Pickup
A greatly sadistic serial killer who disembowels women and forces them to clean it up before killing them proves difficult to catch thanks to his social charm and simple, yet clever, disguises.
S4, Ep10
10 Dec. 2008
Brothers in Arms
Morgan, an ex-cop, takes it personally when a serial killer targets police officers in Phoenix, Arizona.
S4, Ep11
17 Dec. 2008
A serial killer known as the Road Warrior is gunning down blonde women on roads in Orange County, California and the BAU suspect that the victims are surrogates and that it's only a matter of time before he kills the real one.
S4, Ep12
14 Jan. 2009
Soul Mates
The team suspects that a member of an affluent community is responsible for the disappearance of a young woman.
S4, Ep13
21 Jan. 2009
A family consisting of two parents and their son break into a home, kill the parents and kidnap their daughter. As the investigation proceeds, the BAU team begin to suspect that what they're dealing with is bigger than they thought.
S4, Ep14
11 Feb. 2009
Cold Comfort
A serial killer in the Olympia, Washington area has abducted four blonde, twenty-something women. When the third victim is found embalmed, the BAU are called in and suspect that the embalming is a way for him to spend more time with them.
S4, Ep15
18 Feb. 2009
Zoe's Reprise
A copycat serial killer is recreating murder techniques used by famous killers from the past.
S4, Ep16
25 Feb. 2009
Pleasure Is My Business
A high priced call girl that is killing her clients must be found and stopped.
S4, Ep17
11 Mar. 2009
Prentiss learns from an old friend, John Cooley, that their mutual friend, Matthew Benton, just died from a heart attack. Prentiss had not seen either man in several years, both for different reasons. John also mentions that Matthew thought he was going to be killed just like "T. Valentine". In searching, Garcia does find someone matching that name in the area who recently died from dehydration. There are similarities between the two deaths but no medical rationale for tying the two together as murders. A third person in the area then dies in a similar way but again ...
S4, Ep18
18 Mar. 2009
After being inactive for 10 years, Hotch's first BAU case, an elusive serial killer known as the Reaper, starts killing again.
S4, Ep19
25 Mar. 2009
House on Fire
When the kill count of a mass-murdering arsonist active in a small town reaches 31, the BAU are called in.
S4, Ep20
8 Apr. 2009
Male college students on spring break are being raped and murdered, presumably by a man and a woman working together. The BAU are called in and suspect a shy hotel cleaner and a receptionist.
S4, Ep21
22 Apr. 2009
A Shade of Gray
An AMBER alert is activated for a young boy in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and the BAU suspect it to be the work of a pedophile who has abducted and killed two other boys.
S4, Ep22
29 Apr. 2009
The Big Wheel
The team tracks down a highly obsessive-compulsive killer who targets blonde women and leaves messages to the police asking them to stop him.
S4, Ep23
6 May 2009
A serial killer in Bend, Oregon is deliberately killing people by running them over with his car.
S4, Ep24
13 May 2009
The BAU co-work with the U.S. Army to find the perpetrator behind an anthrax attack on a park in Annapolis, Maryland.
S4, Ep25
20 May 2009
To Hell... And Back
The team head to Canada to investigate the disappearances of a number of homeless people, junkies and prostitutes and uncover something horrific.

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