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Gã Trùm 3 - Better Call Saul Season 3
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Season 3

S3, Ep1
10 Apr. 2017
8.3 (3,615)
As Chuck plots his next move, another lie comes back to haunt Jimmy. A rattled Mike tries to find out who's been tracking his movements - and how.
S3, Ep2
17 Apr. 2017
9.1 (3,577)
Jimmy and Kim hire an assistant; Mike seeks out a mysterious acquaintance; and Chuck uses the law to gain an advantage over Jimmy.
S3, Ep3
24 Apr. 2017
Sunk Costs
8.7 (2,945)
Jimmy decides to represent a new client, much to Kim's dismay. Meanwhile, Mike meets a formidable ally who presents him an enticing offer.
S3, Ep4
1 May 2017
9.1 (3,277)
Jimmy calls in a favor from Mike. Meanwhile, new complications disrupt the Salamancas' business; and Chuck and Jimmy struggle to compromise.
S3, Ep5
8 May 2017
9.7 (7,071)
Kim and Jimmy face off with an adversary. Jimmy looks to Chuck's past to secure his future. Jimmy loses an ally and gains another.
S3, Ep6
15 May 2017
Off Brand
8.7 (2,909)
Jimmy embarks on a new endeavor. Chuck pushes himself to the limit. Nacho finds himself ensnared in a power struggle.
S3, Ep7
22 May 2017
8.5 (2,653)
Jimmy tries to settle his debts. Nacho reunites with an old acquaintance. Mike helps Stacey with a project and makes a meaningful connection.
S3, Ep8
5 Jun. 2017
8.7 (2,559)
Jimmy is pushed to desperate measures. Nacho picks up a skill and Mike explores an alliance. Kim stands up to Hamlin.
S3, Ep9
12 Jun. 2017
9.0 (2,721)
Jimmy visits an old friend and takes up a new pastime; Chuck and Hamlin spar over the future of the firm; and Kim faces challenges at work.
S3, Ep10
19 Jun. 2017
9.2 (3,381)
Kim resolves to take some time off from work, while Jimmy does his best to make amends; Nacho takes a major gamble with his future; Hamlin applies pressure on Chuck to finally make a decision.

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