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Season 1

S1, Ep1
6 Apr. 2017
In Bed with the Enemy
England is in a fractious state as the victory of the Battle of Bosworth, Henry Tudor, is set to ascend to the throne. Elizabeth of York ("Lizzie") and her family, supporters of the former king, find themselves in grave danger.
S1, Ep2
6 Apr. 2017
Hearts and Minds
King Henry VII tours the kingdom in an attempt to establish himself as the new sovereign; Lizzie's pregnancy complicates her loyalties.
S1, Ep3
6 Apr. 2017
Lizzie gives birth to Prince Arthur, and finds common ground with Henry. Jasper Tudor visits Margaret of Burgundy seeking an alliance, and Lizzie's mother Elizabeth is exiled to Bermondsey Abbey.
S1, Ep4
6 Apr. 2017
The Pretender
Further political challenges are on the horizon. When King Henry finds himself back on the battlefield to protect his reign, Lizzie learns that the threats they face may be closer to home.
S1, Ep5
6 Apr. 2017
Lizzie must deal with her mother's defiant defense of the York cause, while the appearance of a boy in Burgundy claiming to be a young prince threatens to further destabilize King Henry's rule.
S1, Ep6
21 May 2017
English Blood on English Soil
King Henry VII and Lizzie travel to Spain in an attempt to secure their son's betrothal. Meanwhile, unrest has been growing in Burgundy and spills over into an English battle.
S1, Ep7
28 May 2017
Two Kings
Perkin Warbeck is brought back to England and is paraded around London to be shamed. But he still refuses to denounce his claim to the throne. With the King growing more and more paranoid, there is growing tension between Elizabeth and Margaret Pole.
S1, Ep8
4 Jun. 2017
Old Curses
A final confrontation with the pretender exposes King Henry's weaknesses, while Lizzie confronts new demons and old curses.

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