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Cô Nàng Mạnh Mẽ - Strong Woman Do Bong Soo

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Season 1

S1, Ep1
24 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.1
8.7 (32)
For generations, a superpower has been passed down the maternal line in Bong-soon's family. But for 27 years, she has always tried to keep hidden.
S1, Ep2
25 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.2
8.7 (23)
Another assault is discovered in the same neighborhood as the last one, and In Gook Du takes it on himself to solve the crime.
S1, Ep3
3 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.3
9.0 (21)
CEO Ahn finds himself on the wrong end of Bong Soon's wrath and winds up in the hospital.
S1, Ep4
4 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.4
9.0 (21)
Bong Soon lets her guard down, and accidentally tells her boss exactly what she thinks of him after having too much to drink.
S1, Ep5
10 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.5
9.2 (19)
Gook Du doesn't trust CEO Ahn, and the feeling is mutual. Someone close to Bong Soon is attacked.
S1, Ep6
11 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.6
9.1 (19)
A night of macho one-upmanship turns very awkward for Min Hyuk and Gook Du.
S1, Ep7
17 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.7
9.2 (19)
Bong Soon's grandmother shows up to give some grandmotherly advice, and Min Hyuk faces his stalker.
S1, Ep8
18 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.8
9.4 (21)
Bong Soon goes through a rigorous training regimen to try to control and focus her powers.
S1, Ep9
24 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.9
9.2 (18)
Gook Du thinks he is closing in on the kidnapping culprit, but he has no evidence. Min Hyuk does something daring to help Bong Soon.
S1, Ep10
25 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.10
9.2 (18)
Min Hyuk offers Bong Soon what she has been waiting for, but with a catch. Gook Du steps outside of his official duties.
S1, Ep11
31 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.11
9.3 (19)
Bong Soon makes an adversary at work, while poop wine changes Baek Tak's entire world.
S1, Ep12
1 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.12
9.4 (20)
Min Hyuk has trouble balancing his role as Bong Soon's boss with his new relationship. Gook Du is hot on the trail of the kidnapper.
S1, Ep13
7 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.13
9.3 (19)
Bong soon saves her friend but at a very high cost.
S1, Ep14
8 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.14
9.6 (20)
The police search for Kim Jang Hyun's body, while Bong Soon deals with her new powerlessness.
S1, Ep15
14 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.15
9.2 (16)
Bong Soon prepares a trap for the person who wants her dead, to the chagrin of Gook Du and Min Hyuk, who would prefer she lay low.
S1, Ep16
15 Apr. 2017
Episode #1.16
9.2 (16)
In the finale, Bong Soon moves on to her other passion, trying to get her videogame off the ground.

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