Bản Danh Sách Đen 5 Tập 1 - Server Vkool SpeedThe Blacklist Season 5 Episode 1 - Server Vkool Speed

Bản Danh Sách Đen 5 - The Blacklist Season 5

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Season 5

S5, Ep1
27 Sep. 2017
Smokey Putnum (No. 30)
8.4 (444)
With his criminal empire in ruins, Red enlists Liz in a plan to earn cash and deliver a new Blacklister to the Task Force.
S5, Ep2
4 Oct. 2017
Greyson Blaise (No. 37)
8.5 (403)
The team pursues a billionaire high end art thief. Tom seeks to identify the remains in the suitcase.
S5, Ep3
11 Oct. 2017
Miss Rebecca Thrall (No. 76)
8.0 (330)
The team investigates a number of suspicious police shootings. Ressler is distracted by his outside issues. Red needs Tom's help to re-establish his criminal empire.
S5, Ep4
18 Oct. 2017
The Endling (No. 44)
8.0 (318)
Liz and the Task Force hunt for an elusive criminal who is destroying the world's precious treasures. Meanwhile, a surprise encounter leads Red toward a new business opportunity, as Tom investigates the bones in the suitcase.
S5, Ep5
25 Oct. 2017
Ilyas Surkov (No. 54)
7.8 (298)
Red provides intel on an international terrorist, putting the Task Force on a collision course with another unit from the CIA. Meanwhile, Red and Hawkins lay the groundwork for new business venture. Tom goes undercover in search of information.
S5, Ep6
1 Nov. 2017
The Travel Agency (No. 90)
7.6 (299)
While Cooper enlists Red on a case of personal importance, Ressler leads the Task Force to stop the resurgence of once-dormant murder-for-hire. Tom continues to investigate the suitcase despite a warning.
S5, Ep7
8 Nov. 2017
The Kilgannon Corporation (No. 48)
8.2 (332)
Red and the Task Force place Dembe undercover to infiltrate an international human smuggling organization, but when communication is lost, they must intervene. Meanwhile, Tom's investigation into the suitcase lands him in grave danger.
S5, Ep8
15 Nov. 2017
Ian Garvey (No. 13)
9.5 (925)
Tom goes missing and Liz desperately retraces his steps to find him; Red's hunt for the suitcase of bones leads to lives being changed forever.
S5, Ep9
3 Jan. 2018
8.9 (269)
Liz abandons her old life for a fresh start in a new place, but she is forced to draw on her emotional and physical strength in a brutal fight when a threat finds her.
S5, Ep10
10 Jan. 2018
The Informant
When Red directs the Task Force to find a Blacklister who sells sensitive information; Ressler finds himself at risk of exposure; Liz plans her next move.
S5, Ep11
17 Jan. 2018
Abraham Stern
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S5, Ep12
Episode #5.12
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S5, Ep13
Episode #5.13
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