Saori HaraFemale Ninja Spy (2010)

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Hoàn Thành

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Reon Kadena

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Phim 18+,

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Media Asia Film

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Phim Nhật Bản

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100 phút


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Saori Hara Vietsub, Online Female Ninja Spy

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Saori Hara - Female Ninja Spy
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Saori Hara is a popular Japanese AV idol, singer, and gravure model. She was born on January 1, 1988 in Hiroshima prefecture in Japan and is well known for her unique look, voluptuous curves, and seductive brown eyes. She is of mix parentage(her grandfather being German), similar to other exotic idols like Maria Ozawa and Meisa Hanai.

This soft-spoken beauty first made her appearance as a gravure idol in 2005 when she released some image videos and photobooks under the name Mai Nanami. She then vanished for a few years and returned to the AV scene in 2008 as Saori Hara where she posed nude for Sabra magazine. Soon after she would announce that she was working for SOD. Soft On Demand(SOD) is one of Japan's leading adult studios and they seem to have high hopes for her. Even though she has no experience in AV, they have quickly elevated her to star status on their website. Hara was also the poster girl for their anti-STD campaign.

In December 2009, Hara published her memoir "My Real Name is Mai Kato: Why I became an AV Girl" detailing her experience as an AV idol:

"The actor opened his hand in front of me. It seemed really wet, filled with sweat... This part of the shooting was only supposed to take a few seconds. But then I realized that the wetness was from me, from down there. At that moment, it was spurting out of me. I felt messy, ashamed and sad. A lot of feelings were in my heart and mind, combating one another, and just like that it was over."

Following her memoir, Hara released a new photo book "No Nude by Kishin 1 20XX Tokyo", for which she was served papers for her "indecent" appearance.


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