Các Kiểu Gọi TìnhSex Marathon (2009)

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Phim Hàn Quốc

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Ero Subway

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Các Kiểu Gọi Tình - Sex Marathon

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Sex Marathon, the Korean erotic movie, is a big special edition 8 sets each odd situation wit carnally relay play, namely, "Her Fragrance", "Scenario Girl", "Yakult Auntie", "Three Wishes", "Conditions Lover", "Dangerous Woman", "Eye" and "My Friend Hip Shares" consisting of eight films, each lasting 10 minutes, are wonderful sex drama plot, thinking wonderful introduction kinky logo and slogan.
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1. Her Fragrance – 28 years old, she was a virgin, a strong odor from the relationship with a man dare not happen, not because she was particularly attentive, but she was born with a burst of indescribable. Finally, she met people suffering from severe sinusitis wear on her Bo do not mind the smell, but her "like-minded"...... This time, she finally begun to taste the taste of clouds and rain......

2. Scenario Girl – Xiu Yan This is a film star, recently not even a small adult porn movies filming, she's very upset fans hearts, script requires opponents Jung Ho Sau Yan and violent sex scenes performances, but also to clever use of sticks and species, props, show Yan really willing to cast aside, to join the ranks of AV?

3. Yakult Auntie – Troubled housewife suffering from constipation to order from a large number of Yakult, I hope to help digestion. However, delivery men, but to provide her with a kind of "Yakult" so that one hundred thirty-five million probiotic sudden outbreak sex lust in her body......

4. Three Wishes – Xu Min birthday encounter in a wizard. Wizard to send her three Trevi candy, each one will make her wishes fulfilled. Her first wish is to make her boyfriend that penis larger, but later found himself not got, then use a second wish to make it back to the status quo. Now, there are only a sugar sleepy......

5. Conditions Lover – One owner Housewarming, the door actually had a glamorous woman, claiming to be a "bedroom with women" can provide additional services. She trying every means to meet the owners, so he is extremely satisfied, but the strange thing is, every time before she provided services to the general requirements of the owners who signatures......

6. Dangerous Woman – A woman in the street constantly counting, when she was a few hundred, the blood on the man in front of him and then take the initiative to strike up a relationship. He selected a man asked her why, she said because she was suffering from a terminal illness, not going to live......

7. Eyes – Couple make love at home, affectionate, but his wife always suspected it was firmly shut in voyeur, not only should the door, even she herself refused to go out...... who are watching their people are just around the corner......

8. My Friend Hip Shares – OL man's chronic lack of moisture, has been resolved on their own needs. But this time when she self-tolerance, but suddenly there appeared another himself, encouraged her to find a good man to vent about sex......